Your personalized event that meets your expectations at Domaine Valga

Whether for business, for a wedding, to mark the birthday of a loved one or for a family gathering, we have the ideal site for you. Our flexibility, the quality of the welcome and the enchanting site are a guarantee of success for the success of your event.

Le mariage est un évènement unique

Business people, your next meeting is at Domaine Valga.

For one or more days, an annual meeting, a lake trip or for a more social gathering, we have a personalized offer for you.
Visit our corporate page to organize your business meeting in a private, confidential location surrounded by nature with complete services that will meet all your needs.

The wedding is a unique, unifying event that must be magical, but above all in the image of the bride and groom!!

This is why we do everything we can to support you in your organization, but especially during THE day of the celebration. Our goal is for your day to be as you imagined it! Come see how we can make your wedding memorable for you and your guests.


For a successful gathering of family or friends, it is at Domaine Valga that you will have the most beautiful memories.

Birthdays, family celebrations, reunions, etc. you will share your most beautiful moments in a friendly atmosphere and warm decor. Our team will take care of you and your guests.

Beautiful, warm and friendly place. The owner Éric and his children Catherine and Maxime were extraordinary hosts. We were celebrating my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary and they were very helpful. We booked the entire hostel and two chalets and had barbecue for evening supper. All our guests were well received and loved it. Meals, accommodation, location and very affordable price. Everything was perfect!!!

M. Simard

My husband and I decided to celebrate our wedding at Domaine Valga! Wow! What extraordinary service from the whole team, the food was so good and hot, the places are simply magnificent, everything was perfect!
Accommodation for all guests who needed it. And a magnificent fireworks show! I recommend this place x1000 for any important event you will have to celebrate in your life. Catherine is really attentive to our needs and great at management and organization, Eric is super warm and Maxime allowed us to have a lot of fun.

C. Lavoie


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